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An innovative way of learning Botany in Forest

Waghai Botanical Garden (WBG) is a unique heritage site with innumerable plant species from lower to higher plant species. BOTANY FEST is a initiative to motivate younger generation towards the beauty of plants occurring in Waghai Botanical Garden. WBG harbors more than 60 species which are unique to Gujarat, in the sense they occur only in WBG. The objective of the event is to give a platform to students, researchers, teachers, and faculties from different parts of Gujarat to share information, knowledge and experiences on plant diversity. Thus to promote interest in Botanical Treasure BOTANY FEST is a hub for many challenging games like, Phyto hunt (Finding of the different plants with given clues), Bhujo to jane (Tag the state/National/World Trees), Mahek hamari pehchan tumhari (Identification of plants with their natural smells), Chief of the Botany (Collecting plants from natural resources and making food in more of a natural way) Pushpa Sheraz (to perform an act on plant morphology, without speaking.) Enlightenment under Pragvad (Story of an ancient Indian tree Pragvad), Nagme Phool ki Yado ke (Identification of different plants by rhythms of songs, and video), (Kudrat ka kahajana (Plant Craft), Prakruti ki loksabha (Parliament of Botany). First BOTANY FEST ever in India was organized by South Dang Forest Division in collaboration with The Maharaja Sayajirao University Vadodara at Waghai Botanical Garden in 2017.

BOTANY FEST is attended by 20 prime Institutes which include University from Agriculture, Botany, Biosciences, Life Sciences, Agriculture, Ayurveda, Forestry, and Colleges dealing with the above subjects.