Floral Safari - An android App

Floral Safari is a plant detecting android base software developed by Waghai Botanical Garden, Gujarat Forest Department, South Dang Division, Ahwa-Dangs in collaboration with Department of Botany, The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, Vadodara. It includes database of trees, shrubs, medicinal plants, tuberous plants, fruit plants, ornamentals and cacti and succulents plant species found in Waghai Botanical Garden. This software provides taxonomic information on plants with its photographs and geographical position in garden with a single tag. It also provides scientific names, english names, vernacular names and plants utility which are very important and very use full in general. Waghai Botanical garden was established on 1st May, 1996. Garden is rich in plant diversity which has more than 1200 plant species. Out of this 667 plant species are covered in this software. There are 270 trees, 50 shrubs, 119 medicinal plants, 29 fruit plants, 28 tuberous plants, 89 cacti and succulents and 82 ornamental plants information available in this software. The software provides not only information but also act as a powerful botanical field guide for students, researchers, teachers and forest officials. It is also very useful to the general public with no scientific background.

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Benefits of Floral Safari App

  • Awareness about common, rare, endangered and threatened trees.
  • Practical way for identification of plant species.
  • Indigenous plant diversity is studied in field.
  • Why trees should be conserved?
  • Understanding the canopy and bark ornamentation.
  • To study the morphological variation with respect to time prevailing in the plants.
  • Aesthetic values of different trees.
  • Medicinal uses of trees.
  • Description on the seeds of different trees and to differentiate them from every species point of view.
  • Trees usefulness for landscape planning.