An Untold Story

Halund was given the status of a mystical plant, worshipped by the native people of the forest of Dangs. This provoked everyone to conserve the indigenous species Vigna vexillata. It is our pleasure to mention that many research scholars from The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda with equal support from the forest officials of WBG took this utmost essential initiative of conservation of Halund, given the fact that it is a highly nutritiously beneficial plant.

of Waghai Botanical Garden

The Audio Guide at Waghai Botanical Garden (WBG) offers visitors a captivating and informative experience with its three distinct routes, each narrated in three different languages. These routes include an exploration of the "Trees of North Division of WBG," a deep dive into the "Medicinal Plants of WBG," and an enchanting journey through the "Trees of South Division of WBG." What sets this audio guide apart is its ability to deliver a wealth of knowledge in verbal mode, offering insights into the medicinal properties, historical context, origins, and even the mythological significance of the various plant species within the garden. With this guide, visitors can not only appreciate the natural beauty but also uncover the rich tapestry of stories that surround the botanical wonders of Waghai Botanical Garden.

An Android based application for the trees of Waghai Botanical Garden

Floral safari is an android based programme for the trees of Waghai Botanical Garden. The application provides information on the scientific details of plant i.e. local name, family, origin, meaning of scientific names, phenology, and medicinal and consumable uses. There are 270 trees, 50 shrubs, 119 medicinal plants, 29 fruit plants, 28 tuberous plants, 89 cacti and succulents and 82 ornamental plants information available in this software.

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Visitor Information

Waghai Botanical Garden

Opening Hours

8 am to 6:30 pm (Tuesday Closed)


1) Educational Tour (Authority latter required) - 5 Rs./Person
2) School/College students (With ID-Card) - 5 Rs./Person
3) Age between 6 - 15 years - 10 Rs./Person
4) Age above 15 years - 20 Rs./Person

Parking Fee

1) 2-Wheeler - 10 Rs./Vehicle
2) 4-Wheeler - 20 Rs./Vehicle
3) Heavy Vehicle - 60 Rs./Vehicle

Kitchen Area Fee

1) Breakfast - 200 Rs./1 Time
2) Lunch - 500 Rs./1 Time

Guide Charge

1) 200 Rs./Hour

Photoshoot Charge

1) 200 Rs./Hour

Videography Charge

1) 500 Rs./Hour


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