Why to visit Waghai Botanical Garden?

Waghai Botanical Garden is the largest garden of Gujarat spread in an area of 24 Hectares.The Garden has been divided into different plots, which represent the various forest typesoccurring in India as classified by Champion and Seth. Various trees have been introduced inthe Garden, from various biogeographical zones of India and from other tropical countries.Waghai Botanical Garden has a systematic network of roads with a stretch of 7 Km in length. Waghai Botanical Garden is rich in floristic diversity having wide varieties of plant species.Garden has beautiful, natural and silent ambiance. You can see the plants which we onlyheard about and also the plants which cannot found in urban area.

With plants you can also see variety of insects and birds whose home is this garden.Waghai Botanical Garden is place where you can see more than 100 years old trees, more than 100 ft. height trees. You can see more than 25 exclusive plant species that are only present in Waghai Botanical Garden across whole Gujarat.

If you don’t know about plants, Floral safari is android app is there which is going to useful to you to get information of trees of Waghai Botanical Garden.

Roads in garden are well planed with particular plant species belongs to particular road. So you can walk on interesting road like Shetur road, bhilamo road, champo road instead of particular city roads.

Here we can find the plants which are describe in old medicinal Books.

We can see number of medicinal plants and also their use as it display in sign board.

We can use this knowledge in our day to day life.

In Cactus house you can see different types of beautiful cactus.

In Tuber plot you can see different type of tuberous plant and also get the knowledge of its uses.

You can also see the rare, endangered and threatened plant species of Gujarat in RET Plot.

Garden is well decorating with beautiful ornamental flowering plants which enhance its beauty that you can feel at the step you when you enter in garden.

Palm plot will show you variety of palm species from all over India.

Bamboo plot will blow your mind with present 24 different variety of bamboo as you never seen this much Varity of bamboo in Gujarat.

Sacred Plants are also the reason to visit Waghai Botanical Garden as it has Pragvad (Unique plant of Waghai Botanical Garden); it’s a pleasure to see its unique canopy and feel the nature vibes when to seat under it.

A fruit which we consume in day to day life but don’t know from which tree it belongs then fruit plot is must to visit in Waghai Botanical Garden.

Aquatic pond is also rich with different types of aquatic plant species.

Orchid house is also another attraction in Waghai Botanical Garden where you can see different types of ornamental and wild Orchid. Your inside photographer will must wake up to capture images, when you see the glorious beautiful flowers.

You can see Varity types of seeds of plants that are present in Waghai Botanical Garden in Bhagat hut present at arogyvan.

Herbarium is also very unique as it has more than 3000 herbarium specimens Collected by Dr. R. I. Patel - An eminent Taxonomist of Gujarat, Dr. B. G. Vashi, Dr. J. R. Parmar and Mr. K. L. Dubey.