Dang E-Herbarium

It is a unique electronic herbaria having collection of Dr. R. I. Patel - An eminent Taxonomist of Gujarat. There are 3644 plant specimens belonging to 3245 Dicot, 399 Monocot and 2 Pteridophytes. The collection is mainly of Dr. B. G. Vashi, Dr. J. R. Parmar and Mr. K. L. Dubey. This is a useful reference website for Students, Research scholars, Forest Guards, Forest officials, Herbalist, Ayurvedacharya, Environmentalist visiting Garden.


Highlights of E-Herbaria:

  • All the plant specimens are well arranged in alphabetical manner based on their family along with their other taxonomical details, which commences from Acanthaceae Family and ends up with Zingiberaceae family.
  • The website contains all the necessary information about any plant starting from its botanical name, their family, its English name subspecies, variety name, and local names, also the time of flowering and fruiting, with some general information about the plant.
  • Herbarium images are of high resolution with zoom facility to observe the minute morphological details of respective plant species for example their leaf margin, apex, stem striation, and hairs if present.
  • The website also provides information regarding plants site of locations or collection site, collector’s name, date of the collection and some of the key specific information about its taxonomic identification.

This herbarium website was officially launched by Shri. S. M Patel (IFS), Chief Conservator of Forest, Valsad Circle, during the Botany Fest 2017.